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Flowers express feelings, to those who receive them, those who give them and those who work with them.

Namu is dedicated to guiding you in arranging, preparing and selecting flowers for your home. We like to work with seasonal and local flowers as much as possible.
Now that our lives have changed due to the pandemic, our need to feel good in our homes makes decorating our surroundings with fresh flowers and plants even more important than before.
Namu wants to create a place for those who would like to learn in a relaxed and fun way insights into professional floristry to enable you to create fantastic decorations for your home, family or friends, for your office or for a wedding. We offer workshops for individuals, pairs and groups of various sizes.

Along with our floristry workshops we would like to introduce you to the works of designers and craftsmen who create handmade, fair trade beautiful artisanal home decor items, that are the perfect complement for the flower arrangements you create.

I am a master florist , who has worked as a teacher and floral designer in Hungary, Romania and South Korea for the last 17 years. Our little English-Hungarian family is based in the wonderful city of Budapest .

The Namu signature workshop

The Namu signature workshop is a hands-on experience designed to unlock your creativity and develope your skills and gain valuable insights into the wold of floral design.

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Corporate floral workshops

Enrich your workplace culture with our corporate floral workshops, designed to offer a refreshing break from routine work activities and inspire creativity among your employees.

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Private floral workshops

Experience the joy of floral design and develop your own unique style with the guidance of our skilled instructor in our private workshops.

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Private Children's floral workshops

Join us for an exciting opportunity for kids to engage with nature, learn about different types of flowers, and create beautiful floral arrangements in a private workshop tailored for children.

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