I love to have fresh flowers and plants in my home. The reason is  that they are not just decorate but there are other, scientifically prooved facts what I consider when buying flowers. Here are some of the facts whish can  be helpful for you, too!

1. Flowers can enhace  your mood.

2. Flowers signifigantly reduces  stress. Not only the look of it, but the scent, too.

3. Plants cleans the air of the room. For example, the ever so popular, Devil's Ivy(Epipremnum aureum).

4. Fresh bundle of colourfoul flowers helps concentrate.

5. Flowers helps you to sleep.

You bought it in you favourit local flower shop, picked it in your garden or got it as a present, remember that flowers's and plants's benefits are much more beyond of their pretty look. Helps your productivity, decrease anxiety, improoves your well being, which all will make you HAPPY.😊


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