Before you arrange your freshly purchased flowers here are the most  important florist's tips for you!

  1. remove leaves from stems if they are submerged in water - leaves quickly rot if left in in water
  2. cut stems diagonally - this improves water intake 
  3. place flowers or foliage in a clean vase in tepid water - change the water every day and trim the stems. It is essential the trim the ends so that they do not dry out.
  4. put the container in a cool and dark place for 2-8 hours before arranging the flowers or foliage.

Extra tip to keep the flower fresh for longer period:add a drop of bleach to the second water and keep away of fresh fruit

Every kind of plant need to be cared for differently! Many flowers and foliage are conditioned in the standard way. However some types of plant need extra care.Which flowers need to be treated differently? Leave a comment below.🥰 

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